Questions & Answers

How do I search Artsproof's database?

Just type in the search box (from every page) the desired artist name that you want to check, choose the right artist and get a list of all his stolen and lost artworks, within seconds.

What makes Artsproof unique?

Art crimes are as old as art itself. Until now, the tools to fight theft and forgery couldn’t keep up with the high paced attacks against our cultural assets. We are leveraging technology and information accessibility in a way that has never been done before. We are doing so with full transparency and affordable subscriptions.

How come your prices are so low?

We really want to win the fight to protect our cultural assets.

In order to disrupt this market, we must bring all art enthusiasts and art professionals to use our system at affordable prices.

At these prices we can keep the delicate balance between operating our system and truly work with the whole of the art community in this meaningful battle.

Why can I search only 3 times in 24 hours?

According to our deep research with auction houses, art collectors and law enforcement agencies, three searches per day is the golden number that answers the needs of most of our users.

If you need more searches than that, we offer various options to answer your needs, just contact us to get a customized plan.

I was a victim of art theft, what do I do?

No matter if you are a private person, a company or a government organisation, we invite you to easily send us the incident's details here, for free

We will make sure to add the stolen artwork to our database ASAP so all of the international art community will be alerted.

Together, we can fight to block the trade in your stolen art piece(s) and increase the chances of finding it.

Is your database being updated on a regular basis?

In addition to our innovative methods to update and increase the quality of our data, our database is being updated on a regular basis by private collectors, art galleries, auction houses, museums and law enforcement agencies.

By ‘opening our doors’ and inviting everyone (including you) to add stolen and lost artworks to our system, no matter the artwork’s worth, we are creating a strong community that is being updated constantly.

What do you mean by "unknown artist"?

"Unknown artist" means we do not know for sure who created the stolen artwork.

We have thousands of these artworks in our database.

We encourage you to explore these artworks at no cost here.

In case you can identify the missing artist, you can (and should) add his name easily, by doing that you will help to get one step closer to returning this artwork to it’s original owner.

I have information regarding a stolen painting, what do I do?

We don’t have any interest in the crimes or incidents in the artwork’s history, we simply want to return this artwork to its lawful owner.

We created a specially designed mechanism for it.

No matter if we have it in our database or not.

If you are a registered user, you can file an anonymous report with us.

We have established a network of professionals around the globe to whom you can return the work with full discretion and no questions asked.

In case the original artwork has returned to the owner, you might be eligible for a reward.

To report now click here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

The short answer is – No.

Our prices are reasonable and affordable to all art enthusiasts out there.

Our system is designed to give you a direct channel to the relevant information and to be as lean as possible, so we can offer our services at these prices.

If you still want to cancel your subscription please contact us so we can find an appropriate solution.

Sometimes when I search for an artist, I can see two results with the same name, why?

Depending on the years, countries and different languages - sometimes a name can be written in a few ways.

Our data is being collected constantly from various sources around the world, hence, sometimes you can find duplicates.

If you encountered such a case, please choose the first result from the search results and let us know so we can improve our data.