Art theft and forgery are almost as ancient as art itself.

Criminal acts involving works of art happen more frequently than the public imagines. Even today, valuable artworks are being stolen frequently from museums, galleries, and private collectors around the world. Law enforcement agencies estimate the value of the lost art at 10 billion US dollars.

It is extremely difficult to find and take hold of such stolen artworks. In order to search a stolen artwork today, you’ll have to deal with large amounts of cumbersome paperwork, and costs of getting information and investigating the cases are steep.

Our Vision

Stopping the illicit trading in stolen and lost artworks and recover lost art around the globe.

What we do?

We offer a wide variety of solutions that fit art dealers, art galleries, auction houses, museums, insurance companies, and law enforcement agencies.


Artsproof is introducing a new, comprehensive, real-time database of stolen and lost artworks to stop the illicit trade in stolen art, by allowing users to search and locate stolen artworks and avoiding the unwanted trade in stolen art.


Art forgery is a complicated and complex subject.
We are working with official forgery experts & specialists to engage this front as well.

We understand that publishing the forged art database requires extra caution and responsibility to protect the artists's reputation.

Artsproof is working hard to establish the proper methods to publish such data slowly and responsibly, so over time, we will make it harder to trade in forged art.


Users can receive real-time alerts of art heists in their vicinity on Artsproof’s events map.

By creating a network of users around the world that will know about art crimes near them, we will increase the chances of stopping and blocking the efforts of criminals to trade in stolen artworks.

Returning lost and stolen artworks

Artsproof created a unique and original large-scale mechanism to provide a legitimate way to bring lost and stolen art out of the dark and back into the fold. For the first time ever, everyone can report found artwork.

We will use our network of world-wide locations to expedite the return of the resurfaced art, no questions asked.

We are not interested in the artwork's history, we just want to return it to the legitimate market.

Our team

The synergy between our team members allows us to fulfill our vision. Our team consists of:

Art experts

With years of expertise in all aspects of the business.

Technology team

That works constantly to develop new technology at the intersection between art and technology.


With strong background and experience in government & security field positions.


That help our efforts to hinder this illicit trade by giving us the proper legal tools to do so.

Join us in this meaningful battle to protect cultural assets

Artsproof’s solutions and methods are unique, simple and effective. We are working tirelessly to restrain and block illicit art trafficking. Join us in this meaningful battle to protect our cultural assets.