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Report theft or loss of your artwork for free. Together we will fight to stop the trade in your stolen art.

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Thousands of stolen works whose painter's identity is unknown. Subscribe for free and help us find out the artists' identities.

I found a stolen artwork

Found a stolen/lost artwork? Report anonymously, no questions asked and get rewarded.

Don't trade in stolen artworks!

Until now, tracking art thefts and preventing illicit trafficking of artworks was limited and complicated.

Old way

Trying to find

Finding stolen artworks in the enormous amount of information on the Web is exhausting, devious, time-consuming and suffering from a huge lack of relevant data

New way


A new, real-time system with a comprehensive database that suits everyone: Private collectors, art dealers, galleries, auction houses, museums, investigators, public organizations and insurance companies

Start finding stolen artworks in seconds

Artsproof’s solutions and methods are unique, simple and effective. We are working tirelessly to restrain and block the illicit art trafficking. Join us in this meaningful battle to protect our cultural assets.